Fall Wrap Up and Winter Training

We are always looking for new, dedicated, talented players for all our age groups.  I don’t like just using tryouts alone to build our teams and prefer personal referrals from knowledgeable parents.  Short tryouts usually lead to mistakes in judgement.  We would be happy to have any new players join us for winter training – so both parties can get a better feel if it’s a good fit.  Also know that I am not looking to cut any current player on any of our rosters that are dedicated, improving and have paid all their outstanding fees.  So please don’t be afraid of recommending good players to us because you are afraid it may hurt your own son – I understand that fear but I am never looking to drop anyone because of a perceived “upgrade” in talent skill.  I know our players will continue to get better and I am most proud of the players I see progress from 13u to getting a roster spot on a college team.  We tend to keep very small rosters compared to other programs.  I like 13/14 for younger ages and a few more at the older levels.  Open roster spots on all our teams happen every year – usually from natural attrition, injuries, players shifting to other sports so cuts are not necessary.  Please help us recruit new players – we want more good parents and good players in our program – it makes it better for everyone.      


For all returning Bombers for 2020 (including HS seniors looking for winter training); new 13u team Bombers and anyone else interested in winter training:


In about 2 weeks, I will send out details on winter training starting in January.  It will be 18 sessions of 90 minutes each that will be Friday nights and early Sunday evenings.  It will end in mid-March – just as HS tryouts start.  Specific training times and costs will follow in my next email.  November and December should be used for rest and recovery so please make sure your son’s rest their arms.  I know all the boys will continue improve and that will start with winter training in January.  If anyone has any comments or questions, please email me.  ALSO EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO SET UP ANY PRIVATE SESSIONS WITH any of our coaches.  I will put you in touch with them and you can make a  separate, private arrangement.


A final note:  we will be upgrading our website and it will be ready to go Jan 1.  It will be MUCH more functional.  Parents/players will be able to check specific game/practice schedules; player stats (Gamechanger will be integrated into our website); and social media info on all our teams will be available.  Our recruiting software platform, Sportsrecruits.com, will also be integrated into our website for the 16u/17u showcase team players.  In addition, all parents will have a separate logon where you will be able to see all family/player info and be able to make fee payments directly or on a regular payments schedule. The goal will be for our new website to your one stop spot for all Bombers info.  Hopefully it will make things better and more organized for everyone – especially for me.


Thanks for letting us work with your sons.